Earthly Pleasures

APRIL 2009

14th, Tuesday

Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita” (1998)

A Filipino romantic comedy/melodrama about Mela (Claudine Baretto,) a girl who is known for her bad reputation and her likewise “Bad Boy” boyfriend, Ryan (Diether Ocampo.)  Upon meeting the only guy who seems to dismiss her, Miguel (Rico Yan) aka “Mr. Perfect,” Mela takes the challenge of winning him over.  In the process, they both fall in love with each other, only to be badly broken up by a mischievous scheme thought up by their past lovers.


This film is typical of Filipino movies, full-on drama with hyperbolic conflicts and consequences.  Despite of this, however, I found myself drawn and sympathetic to the characters, especially Mela.  Though I admit that the exaggeration that these actors personify in the film is beyond reality, it nevertheless greatly heightened emotions and brought out my deep personal musings.  The lines are predictable of Filipino films – corny and cliche – but they are also simple, familiar, and provoking.

Typically, I wouldn’t have watched this if it were not for the fact that I feel vulnerable to anything “cheesy” right now.  But even so, I am glad that I was able to watch this film.  It not only helped me let out emotions as I cried towards the end, but it also allowed me to appreciate the work of my fellowmen.  It may not compare as much to the Hollywood films, but it is good in its own way and applicable to its target audience.  All in all, it was a good film that I wouldn’t mind watching all over again.


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